Tips on how do you grow a beard

Every man will consider leaving a beard at a point in his life. This is because it is hip, because it is nice and warm in the winter, because it is just finished with your girlfriend and you have a rebellious mood, and so on. The reasons differ almost as much as the results. Unfortunately, not every man goes through his good intention and soon the razor blade goes back into the freshly obtained beard hairs. Deadly sin of course, because with the following three tips by My Beard Guy everyone can grow a beard!

Tip 1: be patient!

You are finally over: you are going to leave your beard! Congratulations, you have already taken the important first step. However, it is important to realize that growing your beard is a long term commitment . Especially if your beard growth is not going to go all the way in all places (see tip 3), you will have to spend a lot of time ahead of you if a real Dan Bilzerian goes through life. How long do you have to wait before you can really go through life with a full beard? Check the average times from day one to year one below.

Day 1: Congratulations! Today you take your first steps towards manhood . Keep in mind: Rome was not built in one day. Patience is the key to a good beard!

Week 1: Welcome to the world of the 5 o’clock shadow . At this stage you do not have to do much. Do not forget to occasionally enjoy your adult face in the making.

Month 1: At the end of the first month it is time for an interim evaluation. Study your preliminary results well. Where is it going well and what could be better? In case of a disappointing result, it is wise to read tip 2 and 3 as well.

Month 3: Maintenance is very important during the first three months. Long, wild-growing hairs are like a doggie in a perfectly cut lawn. Get rid of it! Also start looking at the shape of the beard that best accentuates your face.

Month 6: If everything goes well, there is already a good beard around your chin. From month 3 to 6 it is only a matter of keeping track. Also make the choice between growing or keeping a certain length. As always, it is important to do what best compliments your face.

Year 1: Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of a good bunch of male facial hair. You will notice that women really love men with beards .

Tip 2: trimming for a full beard

It may sound contradictory, but just trimming your facial hair provides a fuller beard. You have to imagine that not every beard hair grows just as quickly. In fact, some hairs will take months – perhaps years – to reach the desired length. It is therefore wise to occasionally control the hairs that speed up. This way you keep everything on the same length and the beard looks much more caring. Leaving a beard is often seen as a sign of laziness. “He was certainly too lazy to shave!” The opposite is the case: a beard requires care and time to fully express itself. So know where you start!

Tip 3: work with what you have

Some men will have to really come to terms with the fact that they will never have a full beard. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a woolly woodcutter’s beard, but this does not necessarily mean the end of the world. Look carefully at your beard growth and pay attention to places that do not want to grow well. If, even after regular trimming, no beard hair comes out, think about alternatives. If your cheeks have little or no beard growth, go for a short goatee a la Breaking Bad . Do you have less beard hair on your chin? Then put the focus on your mustache or sideburns. Once you have found your own style, you will be more confident and proud to wear your facial hair. Remember: nothing is too strange and everything is possible !


Pityriasis versicolor is an innocent skin condition including light scaling areas on the body that have a different color than the environment. Typically, the areas with pityriasis versicolor are lighter in color than the surrounding skin, but it likewise takes place that they are darker.

This is where the name originates from, due to the fact that the term pityriasis is used in dermatology for all sorts of gently scaling skin illness, and versicolor means opposite color. The color changes are triggered by yeasts of the Malassezia typewho reside on the skin These yeasts prevail on regular skin, however they can trigger skin sores under certain conditions. Pityriasis versicolor is mainly caused by Malassezia globosa and Malassezia sympodialis. The infection is seen particularly in young people. The conditions that promote the advancement of the condition are a high degree of humidity, normally in mix with a high ambient temperature level and a greasy (many-rich) skin.


In people with light skin color, pityriasis versicolor may appear like light brown or reddish-brown spots with a fine scaling. These spots look darker than the surrounding white skin. The color difference is in some cases barely visible in the winter season. When the skin is extended, flakes begin to blow up, this is a sign that the yeast infection is still active. In the summer, the sun can turn color through ‘suns’: the surrounding skin turns brown, the affected areas are left behind in color. At that moment the condition becomes more visible. In people with dark skin color, the spots are lighter in color than the surrounding typical skin.

The areas can differ in size from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters. They are generally seen on the trunk and arms. They can likewise overlap and coagulate over large areas of the skin, with expansion to the lower arms, backs of the hands, thighs and even to the knees. Especially in tropical environments sometimes the face and the hairy head are likewise impacted. The condition is cosmetically troubling, but causes no further grievances, in some cases a little itch.


Pityriasis versicolor is triggered by a superficial infection of the skin by a yeast of the species Malassezia (previously likewise called Pityrosporum ovale). There are various variations of this yeast. Pityriasis versicolor is primarily triggered by the types Malassezia globosa and Malassezia sympodialis. A yeast is a little single cell organism that can multiply by budding. On the typical, healthy skin there are always yeasts of the species Malassezia. These yeasts live off the fat layer that exists on the skin. The largest number of yeasts are discovered on the hairy head, on the top of the trunk, and in the body folds. Under particular situations, particularly under damp and warm conditions, the number of yeasts can increase and trigger problems. Also with certain conditions such as (excessive) sweating, diabetes, pregnancy, and with a lowered resistance more yeasts can be present on the skin. The Malassezia yeasts can not just cause pityriasis versicolor, however also dandruff and a kind of eczema called seborrhoeic eczema.

Pityriasis versicolor is generally seen in warm and damp countries. 40% of the population might struggle with this. On the pigmented skin, pityriasis versicolor is likewise more noticeable because the color difference is greater. In the Netherlands pityriasis versicolor is much less typical, in about 1% of the population. In the Netherlands it is mainly present in the summer season. Here, too, the phenomenon takes place that the condition becomes more visible as soon as one goes sunbathing in the summer season: the surrounding skin turns brown, however the affected areas remain behind in color. The yeasts produce a substance that prevents the production of pigment by the pigment cells. This triggers the color differences.


The skin lesions are so common that it can generally be recognized by eye. In some cases some flakes are removed the skin and analyzed under the microscope to see if there are any yeast spheres. You can also use blue ultraviolet light to see if there is a yellow-green color (some Mallasezia yeast lights yellow-green under ultraviolet light). This is only visible if it is totally dark in the consulting room. After treatment with an anti-yeast agent, the yeast balls can not be found.


Treatment with creams and creams for the skin.

If the location to be treated is not very substantial, it can be used with an antifungal cream such as ketoconazole cream or ciclopirox cream. Lubricate the afflicted location once a day for 2 weeks.

Likewise treat the hairy head two times a week with ketoconazole head gel, since the hairy head is the perfect location for the yeast to survive. From the hairy head they can spread out again over the remainder of the body. Those who regularly struggle with repeating pityriasis versicolor ought to continue to deal with the head frequently (eg when a week) with ketoconazole gel. The gel should be applied to the scalp after cleaning in the shower, then permitted to soak and rinse for 5 minutes. See below under dandruff.

For bigger surface areas, an anti-dandruff hair shampoo such as Selsun (selenium disulfide) or Nizoral head gel (ketoconazole gel) can be applied over the whole body.


Water down the Selsun anti-dandruff shampoo with a little water and spread it over the entire body with a washcloth. Not on the face, not on the genitals and not on damaged skin (wounds), however in the hair. Let the shampoo soak for 10 minutes and then rinse completely. Do this once a day for 7 successive days.

The old guideline for making use of Selsun in pityriasis versicolor was: apply the shampoo pure over the body, put on an old Tee shirts or pajamas and let it work overnight. Rinse next early morning. This just needs to occur once, which is a lot more useful. But due to the fact that Selsun is just a soap, it is sticky and annoying for some patients, hence the above rather milder recommendations from the provider. Those who can handle it can likewise apply the undiluted one-night method.

Ketoconazole head gel or shampoo:

Ketoconazole hair shampoo can be used in the same method as Selsun: wash the hair (potentially with an anti-dandruff shampoo) then leave ketoconazole headgel or hair shampoo for 5 minutes. Likewise spread out ketoconazole hair shampoo over the whole body and leave it for 5 minutes. Then rinse. Repeat this every day for 5 days.

Treatment with tablets:

In extremely comprehensive pityriasis versicolor the yeast infection can likewise be managed by swallowing anti-fungal tablets. This kills the yeast from the within, and all places on the body are reached.

After that the infection can still come back, because due to the fact that the yeast occurs all over in our environment, reinfection quickly occurs. Even then, it makes sense to apply maintenance treatment with a ketoconazole hair shampoo.


You can try to prevent conditions that intensify (warm ambient temperature level, humid conditions, excessive sweating). Other pointers are: after showering, always let the skin dry properly, do not walk in a sweaty garment, sleep in a cool bed room. Nonetheless, the condition can constantly return, and one is more susceptible to it than the other. If the condition has come back a number of times, ketoconazole head gel can be used preventively during the summertime.


After the healing of pityriasis versicolor the light spots can continue to exist for a longer amount of time. This is due to the fact that the yeast cells secrete a compound that has a (often long-term) inhibitory impact on pigment development. This sometimes confuses: the yeast is well managed and killed, but the skin problem is still just as visible and does not seem to be over. In basic, the pale areas will vanish spontaneously in the course of the summer season or after about half a year. If the white areas still remain noticeable, a tanning bed can sometimes be effective in returning the pigment to the white spots. This can be a routine sunbed remedy in a tanning center.

5 Eating Habit To Remain Healthy

Frequently individuals do not recognize that they have bad eating habits. You follow these practices undetected, every day, while your body gradually however certainly becomes unhealthier. By becoming aware of exactly what these eating routines in fact are, you can better deal with targeted solutions. This naturally also impacts your weight and your body. Listed below you will discover 5 of the most typical wrong consuming practices. A service is likewise provided per consuming habit, so that you can work better on a much healthier body.

Bad consuming routines 1: you are addicted to sugar

In the evening for the TELEVISION, a small treat … There is nothing wrong with that, except when this innocent little snack degenerates into a full bag of chips and 3 glasses of sweet white wine. Even if the larder has plenty of nuts and the apples are in the fruit bowl for grabs, an unhealthy snack is often chosen because the yummy appetite liquifies instantly. A little alleviation: practically everyone who wishes to drop weight struggles with this issue. It is quickly identifiable. In most of these treats, a lot of sugar is processed and we end up being addicted to it.

Solution 1: Prohibit the huge offender

Products with great deals of sugars (fast carbs) do not enter your house any longer. Also sweet beverages such as cola, sweet gewurztraminer, packs of fruit juice, you neglect. Each pound goes through the mouth is a classic saying, however can assist you slim down and change your consuming practices. Remember, however, that when you stop ‘cold turkey’ with eating or drinking sugar, you will probably get a couple of (slight) headaches for a couple of days. In some cases it is better to gradually decrease your body to adjust to your new, healthy consuming practices.

Do not be too perfectionistic. You wish to adjust your consuming practices and get rid of your sugar dependency. This does not mean that you can never ever consume sugar again. From time to time a biscuit munch with the coffee is not a sugar addiction. Give yourself a sin from time to time.

Service 2: Provide healthy options

Supply sugar-free alternatives. It is quickly stated to ban all perpetrators from your pantry. The alluring desire to delight in remains. Changing your eating practices in the starting controls your day-to-day activities. During hard minutes, remember that the holder wins, the withdrawal symptoms will slowly vanish. But do know that the sense of sweetening will remain dormant, as long as you do not change your consuming routines in the long term. Do not indulge yourself unnecessarily with temptations and do not bring unhealthy treats into your house. Instead you can opt for healthy snacks.

Fill your pantry with healthy options that you also like. Get enough healthy treats in your home so you can vary. Alternate a handful of hazelnuts with a container of low-fat natural yoghurt to which you cut a piece of apple.

Option 3: Be familiar with sugars in all its variants.

Check out the labels on items you buy, due to the fact that sugar exists amongst many variations: fructose, dextrose, glucose, and so on. You will be surprised at the number of items consist of (hidden) sugars. Numerous processed or factory-produced items produce similar effects as sugars in our body. Replace foods which contain a lot of quick carbs as much as possible with other products. For example, see the list of low-carbohydrate items.

Bad consuming habits 2: You consume too quick

Research shows that the brain just gets the signal that you have consumed enough after about twenty minutes that you are satisfied. So when you eat too quick, you do not give your brain and your stomach adequate time to process that you are consuming. As an outcome, you will soon overindulge. For instance, after 10 minutes you have your plate empty and currently a second time scooped, then you finally have consumed excessive.

Furthermore, you do not chew enough when you consume too quick. Your stomach and intestines get too big pieces of food to absorb and for that reason do not have enough time to obtain all the nutrients out of your meal. Your body reacts to this with hunger impulses as a signal that it lacks nutrients. You get hungry, consume more, while you have actually received far a lot of calories at the end of the flight. It is for that reason essential to consume slowly.

Solution: Slower food

You can deal with food too quickly by making a feast of every meal. Prohibit the mobile phones and Televisions and make time for each other. Or check out a book. A great supper service with a table cover makes every meal a little special. Chew sluggish and eat purposely. Is your plate empty after twenty minutes? Put down your cutlery and wait a few minutes with bragging. Opportunities are that your appetite will vanish by itself which you have consumed enough.

Bad consuming routines 3: You consume too little

Once in awhile there is a brand-new fad diet. In this kind of diet you consume very few calories a day, so you ought to drop weight naturally. This might sound possible, however this type of weight reduction technique frequently has a counterproductive result. To start with, you get such a cravings feeling that it is difficult to keep up. In addition, a crash diet will not make sense for a restricted period of time, if you then fall back into your old way of life. The well – understood yo-yo effect is the outcome of this.

Solution: Do not eat too little, however different

A good diet plan makes sure that you eat much healthier and you enhance your way of life. For that reason stop following a crash diet that only focuses on few calories. Those who want to drop weight needs to adjust their eating habits. Therefore, go for an excellent weight reduction approach that guarantees that you get enough nutrients in one day. You then learn how to consume in a different way and healthier. You will find a summary here for a variety of helpful weight loss approaches.

Bad consuming routines 4: You eat irregularly

No breakfast, a bite of your sandwich during the flight to the next meeting, a quick pizza at ten o’clock at night due to the fact that the drink ended with the work? If you do this frequently, it can have unhealthy effects. Due to irregular eating habits, you will overeat at specific times of the day, causing your body to keep this as extra body fat. In addition, you will likewise be more likely to “snack”, which frequently leads to more unhealthy food. It is for that reason better for your body and weight when you consume more regularly and where the amounts of food are well balanced.

Solution: Build a great schedule in your day

Make work of a structure in your meals. Breakfast, lunch and supper with a healthy treat at routine intervals. To achieve this, you can utilize a good diet plan to plan your day. Most diet plan programs will likewise be able to provide this. The essence is that you implant a program for yourself daily or per week so you understand when you can begin eating again. This also guarantees that you build a piece of peace for your body. Your body will have the ability to process nutrients more efficiently.

Bad eating habits 5: You constantly eat the exact same thing

Adjusting your eating practices likewise implies bringing more range into your menu. If you constantly consume the very same, you risk of not getting sufficient vitamins and other nutrients. You likewise run the risk that your metabolism will work less well. This suggests that waste can not be effectively gotten rid of.

Option: Delicious and differed cooking and food

Go to the supermarket and go for the different fresh, healthy items. Frequently for many people the problem is to prepare veggies, which makes them consume too little. Yet this is actually not difficult! Work your cooking skills once and experiment in the cooking area. Establish your kitchen, make it an enjoyable location to remain and cook. You can also attempt a harder dish or let others select something. You will see that it exercises positively.

Great cooking is an innovative method to alter your consuming habits! By preparing unknown dishes, you become familiarized with new flavors and active ingredients and you automatically eat more varied food. Make time once a week to set up a menu for the entire coming week. Do this in a peaceful place with perhaps your cookbooks at hand. Prepare a menu strategy where you plan a variety of meals. Naturally, this cookbook can likewise function as motivation.

How To Release Emotions

Holding ideas, occasions or scenarios can become a psychological jail. By letting go of discovering you can free yourself and totally free your hands for new lessons in life.

The smart people who walked on this earth all had, separately of each other, one fundamental message: live in the NOW. By fretting about the past you can begin feeling depressed and worrying about the future can make you very anxious. The most significant source of disease is tension. Stress likewise has a significant influence on the development of cancer. If your health is dear to you, you better make sure that you feel relaxed by letting go of the psychological structures that restrict us.

A stunning story of a wise Zen monk highlights how we can build our psychological jail ourselves:

The art of releasing

An old and a young Zen monk strolled along one road. At one point they concerned a river, which they had to cross. At the area where the road and the river crossed, a lovely young woman stood in a silk robe.

The woman asked if the monks might help her cross. The old Zen monk did not think twice for a minute, took her in his arms, brought her to the other side and put her there.

Silently the monks continued their journey.

Late in the evening, when they had discovered shelter in a temple, the young monk might no longer limit himself and asked:

” We Zen monks can not interfere with females during our training, not to mention touch them. Why did you do that anyhow? ”

The older monk replied: “I got the lady, carried it to the other side, put it there and let it go. You are obviously still bring her with you and have not let her go. ”

Releasing can offer relief. Light in your life can come from all sides. A spontaneous discussion with a strange, old things to get rid of, an efficient working day, lessen interruptions or release mental problem. Releasing these loads guarantees that you can spend the energy on other things. It is hard, but it can change your life favorably. We offer you 5 tools to assist you with releasing

Know the benefits of not letting go

You have the feeling that you are right. And not the other, that can offer you a good sensation.

You can remain the victim. With that you can get attention as well as support from other people.

You do not have to go into the unidentified. You remain in the familiar, which provides a safe sensation.

Accept exactly what is and let go.

By accepting what life looks like now and exactly what took place, it ends up being simple to let go. Why? Since if you keep battling in your mind against what occurred, the problem feeds with more energy. You probably make it larger and more effective than it has actually remained in truth. By accepting what has happened and releasing, something changes. You will discover that the problem in your memory becomes less powerful and has less control over your mind. You are not as upset as you believe. You’re going to be less mentally connected to the issue, making it easier to let go and to continue with your life.


If somebody has actually treated you incorrect, it can be agonizing for a long time. But you have an option. You can choose not to release what has actually taken place and hence hinder your relationship by repeatedly duplicating the incident in your head. You can likewise choose to forgive. Accepting what has actually occurred makes it simpler to forgive. It is much better not to forgive since you need to do that. Search for a real inspiration why you would want to forgive that person.

Concentrate on exactly what you can influence in your life

The unlimited reliving of events in your mind does not change anything unless you have a time machine available. Stemmed from stories in your head that you can not change anything, your energy slurps like a great void. Ask yourself for that reason: where can I put in my time and energy so that my life gets a favorable turn? If you shift the focus from what you can not alter to what you can change, you will find it simpler to let go of your concerns.

As soon as again letting go

As soon as you have actually released something then possibilities are that it will still return from routine. So let it go again. The more frequently you launch it, the less the problem will come back and affect your life negatively. It takes some practice, but you will always have the ability to launch the worries a growing number of quickly.

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