Those who want to get rid of excess pounds have to find a balance between healthy food and sufficient physical activity. Not a sports fan? No worries! You can also get rid of kilos without extra physical exercise. But if you want faster results, losing weight is an effective way to lose weight!

Unfortunately, most people are running around fanatically without good preparation. That is why we will discuss in this article how you can lose weight as effectively as possible with the help of cardio, without having to deal with unpleasant injuries. Running injuries are very persistent!

What is running?

But first, what is running ? And what is the difference between running and jogging for example? Simply put, running is a form of athletics. Anyone who can walk has the opportunity to walk fast. That makes this sport very accessible and therefore accessible to almost everyone.

At the moment you run several kilometers in a row, we talk about endurance sport . Here you perform the same movement for a longer time at the same tempo. Sounds easier said than done : an early two kilometers can already be exhausting for body and muscles (and condition).

In fact, there is little difference between running and jogging. Jogging is also seen as a slow form of running. However, both sports forms have a different purpose: runners go for results in the form of speed and fitness. Joggers generally work in a more relaxed manner, with a focus on calorie and fat burning.

Lose weight with running: do you have to run every day to lose weight?

If you want results as quickly as possible does not mean that you have to run every day. Lose weight with running is effective if you do it between two and four times a week. Give your muscles time to recover on the days that you do not sport. If you do not, the chance of injury is much bigger!

Especially in the beginning it is important to get your body used. You are practicing something that is foreign to your body, so build it up slowly. At the moment you start exercising, small cracks develop in your muscles, which later feels like muscle pain . Do not allow yourself to rest, the muscles do not have room to recover and thus become stronger.

If you want to run every day, try a peaceful workout for a few days. Certainly when you get older, rest days are important to avoid injury.