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3 great tricks to increase intelligence

There is no unanimity about the definition of intelligence. For some it is our ability to learn. For others, our ability to apply knowledge. Perhaps the most universal definition explains intelligence as our ability to find new solutions to old problems . On the other hand, there are different models that explain intelligence more as a collection of multiple forms of intelligence together – emotional intelligence, social intelligence, logical intelligence, etc. WetheBrainys – than as a single one.

Do not always choose the easy route

If we choose the easy route, we may save time, but we also contribute to the loss of some brain capacities . In general we prefer that everything has a ‘step by step’, that it is not necessary to think about something, that it is others who think for us.

Perhaps this applies to some situations, but it is also positive if we choose the more difficult route in some cases. Do not look for instructions, but try to draw a conclusion to arrive at a result. That will make you more creative and intelligent. And it also increases your self-confidence.

Connect with all sorts of people

Just as it is important to expose yourself to new situations, it is also important to have contact with different types of people. Every relationship is a challenge to see, understand and understand the other person’s point of view and that results in increasing intelligence.

It is worth to have friends of different ages, backgrounds, beliefs etc . If you only have contact with people who look like you, you limit your experience area considerably. And with this you also set limits on the training of your brain.

Equip adequately and well

We can never insist enough on something that is clearer every time: resting is just as important or more important than working . Top athletes know this rule very well, since they have to deal with a high fatigue factor at work. The brain always needs breaks in order to function properly. If there is no rest, we are faced with a dulled brain that only works halfway and reduces its power.

Rest time can be divided into three categories: active breaks during work, the hours in which we sleep and the moments of relaxation . All these aspects are of great importance. Active breaks are a daily protection measure to prevent flattening. Sleeping is crucial for the brain so that they can process the information they have recorded. And free time is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy functioning of the brain in the long term.

What matters is that you build a lifestyle that allows you to be more attentive and attentive to everything that is happening around you . This also means that you regularly have to do exercises to ensure proper functioning of your brain. This will undoubtedly have repercussions on your well-being and your intelligence.

How To Release Emotions

Holding ideas, occasions or scenarios can become a psychological jail. By letting go of discovering you can free yourself and totally free your hands for new lessons in life.

The smart people who walked on this earth all had, separately of each other, one fundamental message: live in the NOW. By fretting about the past you can begin feeling depressed and worrying about the future can make you very anxious. The most significant source of disease is tension. Stress likewise has a significant influence on the development of cancer. If your health is dear to you, you better make sure that you feel relaxed by letting go of the psychological structures that restrict us.

A stunning story of a wise Zen monk highlights how we can build our psychological jail ourselves:

The art of releasing

An old and a young Zen monk strolled along one road. At one point they concerned a river, which they had to cross. At the area where the road and the river crossed, a lovely young woman stood in a silk robe.

The woman asked if the monks might help her cross. The old Zen monk did not think twice for a minute, took her in his arms, brought her to the other side and put her there.

Silently the monks continued their journey.

Late in the evening, when they had discovered shelter in a temple, the young monk might no longer limit himself and asked:

” We Zen monks can not interfere with females during our training, not to mention touch them. Why did you do that anyhow? ”

The older monk replied: “I got the lady, carried it to the other side, put it there and let it go. You are obviously still bring her with you and have not let her go. ”

Releasing can offer relief. Light in your life can come from all sides. A spontaneous discussion with a strange, old things to get rid of, an efficient working day, lessen interruptions or release mental problem. Releasing these loads guarantees that you can spend the energy on other things. It is hard, but it can change your life favorably. We offer you 5 tools to assist you with releasing

Know the benefits of not letting go

You have the feeling that you are right. And not the other, that can offer you a good sensation.

You can remain the victim. With that you can get attention as well as support from other people.

You do not have to go into the unidentified. You remain in the familiar, which provides a safe sensation.

Accept exactly what is and let go.

By accepting what life looks like now and exactly what took place, it ends up being simple to let go. Why? Since if you keep battling in your mind against what occurred, the problem feeds with more energy. You probably make it larger and more effective than it has actually remained in truth. By accepting what has happened and releasing, something changes. You will discover that the problem in your memory becomes less powerful and has less control over your mind. You are not as upset as you believe. You’re going to be less mentally connected to the issue, making it easier to let go and to continue with your life.


If somebody has actually treated you incorrect, it can be agonizing for a long time. But you have an option. You can choose not to release what has actually taken place and hence hinder your relationship by repeatedly duplicating the incident in your head. You can likewise choose to forgive. Accepting what has actually occurred makes it simpler to forgive. It is much better not to forgive since you need to do that. Search for a real inspiration why you would want to forgive that person.

Concentrate on exactly what you can influence in your life

The unlimited reliving of events in your mind does not change anything unless you have a time machine available. Stemmed from stories in your head that you can not change anything, your energy slurps like a great void. Ask yourself for that reason: where can I put in my time and energy so that my life gets a favorable turn? If you shift the focus from what you can not alter to what you can change, you will find it simpler to let go of your concerns.

As soon as again letting go

As soon as you have actually released something then possibilities are that it will still return from routine. So let it go again. The more frequently you launch it, the less the problem will come back and affect your life negatively. It takes some practice, but you will always have the ability to launch the worries a growing number of quickly.

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