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Breast Development Boys, Gynecomastia

A large number of boys experience some breast formation, especially at the start of puberty. It is a normal phenomenon that in the vast majority of cases it is completely innocent. The breast size can be different between left and right. In some situations it takes disfiguring forms and it is easy to understand that boys are ashamed of this.

As puberty progresses, breast growth decreases steadily. The peak of breast formation is between fourteen and fifteen years.


At the start of puberty, relatively much female hormone is still present compared to the male hormone testosterone . This starts the breast formation. When the production of the testosterone increases further, this causes the breast formation to decrease again. This can take several years.

Especially when boys start to worry about it, the size is strongest and the size will decrease afterwards.

It is important to know before a doctor if breast formation occurs at the start of puberty. This can be seen from the size of the testicles, penis and pubic hair.

When breast formation occurs when a boy without that puberty characteristics are is certainly reason to continue searching for the cause. This examination will be carried out by a pediatrician or by a pediatrician specialized in diseases of the hormone system (pediatric democrinologist).

A much rarer cause is breast formation as seen with Klinefelter’s syndrome .

To Investigate

When boys report to their doctor with breast augmentation, they will first want to know when it has started. This is followed by a physical examination, in which in addition to the measurement of weight and height, the stage of puberty development in which the boy is also examined is examined. The latter is important for further assessment. Boys are often very embarrassed about this and it is then necessary for them to be explained why it is important to look at their penis and testicles.

If there is doubt about whether it is the normal form of breast augmentation in boys, blood tests will take place. A number of hormones are being investigated. It concerns the female hormone estradiol, the male hormone testosterone, the stimulating hormone FSH, LH.


The normal breast augmentation that boys often have during puberty needs no treatment, because it is an innocent and transient condition.

When there are many psychological problems due to breast formation, the plastic surgeon can possibly remove the mammary gland tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does breastfeeding usually take in boys?

Answer: Generally it has been around for two to three years. Then the size drops under the influence of the increased production of the male hormone.

Are fat breasts the same for boys who are overweight?

Answer: No, it is only about stored fat tissue in the breasts. With gynecomastia, it is real mammary gland tissue.

Knowing More

Puberty begins when hormones are produced from the areas in the brain above the pituitary gland, the hypothalamus, which stimulate the pituitary gland to produce two hormones. These are LH and FSH. These hormones stimulate the production of testosterone by stimulating the testicles, among other things. In the beginning, male hormone is only produced at night. During that period the effect of the always present female hormones can be predominant. That causes breast growth.

Later in puberty, testosterone production continues throughout the day, testosterone production increases, and the amount of female hormone is too low to cause breast formation.

How do I know if a Woman likes Me?

Learn to better understand a woman’s body language. Collect the signals and immediately know if she is interested in you and likes you. With these handy and easy tips you know quickly whether you are successful! Amazing Buttock Enhancement Product Good luck when flirting!

The first Glance

This is the most important first signal you can pick up from a woman. If you are in a public space and you make eye contact, you will receive immediate feedback from a woman if she is interested. If a woman likes you, you can expect that she will make eye contact with you a little longer than normal. If she finds you interesting or attractive, she will take a look and then make eye contact again. If she then also smiles she is interested in you, she is open to contact and you can easily start a chat with her.

Unknowingly Mirroring

If a woman unconsciously assumes your attitude while she talks to you, takes over the way you talk or imitates your gestures, it usually means she empathizes with you. Equal gestures emphasize the similarities between two people. The woman feels comfortable with you and wants to look a bit like you. She will also tilt her head slightly. It means that your story or conversation fascinates her and that she is interested.

Change of attitude

Most women have a neutral attitude when talking to men, but if a woman is interested, most women will sit up slightly more right, move their shoulders back and put their chest slightly forward. This is because her body then looks better, making herself more attractive to a man.

Self-care actions

If a woman finds a man attractive, she will unknowingly check her hair or makeup. A hand through her hair, pulling her hair out of her face, rubbing mascara under her eye are some traitors that she finds you attractive in a certain way. Also note if the woman’s appearance has changed slightly after going to the toilet. Many women update their makeup in the toilet or get a breath of fresh air when they meet a nice man.

Fat suction (liposuction) of the abdomen, hips or legs

Suctioning fat is called fat suction, liposuction or liposculpture. Women often do this most often because they suffer more from storing fat around the abdomen, hips and legs. But also on for example the chin or the arms can be too much fat. Local fat deposits ensure that the silhouette of the body is not nicely balanced. Despite sports and paying attention to the diet, these stubborn fat deposits will not disappear. In a clinic or hospital, the plastic surgeon can extract the fat. The costs are high, and often this is not reimbursed.

What is fat suction?

Fat suction is also called liposuction. This is a method in which excess fatty tissue is removed by sucking it off. This method is used to balance the silhouette of the body. Local fat deposits can be removed with this. It must not be used to lose weight.

Fat suction of the abdomen

At some places, fat is sucked away more often than elsewhere. The abdomen is a well-known example. Many people who lose weight and exercise notice that belly fat does not just disappear. The abdominal wall is the first place where fat is stored, but also the last place where fat disappears. The body likes to store fat in the stomach. Despite sports, abdominal training and watching the diet, belly fat can be persistent. It is therefore not surprising that some people become desperate. Sucking fat can then be a solution to make that little bit of fat disappear.

The skin of the abdomen must be flexible to suck away fat. The plastic surgeon will indicate in advance where fat is being sucked away. Small cuts are made in the skin. Then the surgeon injects a liquid so that the fat comes loose from the abdominal wall. A hollow tube is inserted into the adipose tissue under the skin. The adipose tissue is sucked off with the help of a vacuum pump.

If the skin is not supple enough or cellulite, fat extraction is not possible. The fat can then be cut away. We also call this dermolipectomy. A larger cut will have to be made, after which the fat is cut away.


In some people, the fat does not sit on the stomach, but on the hips. We see this mostly in women. They then have huge wide hips while the rest of their body narrows. This does not give a nice picture. Despite exercising and paying attention to their diet, it is not possible to get rid of fat from the hips. Liposuction is also possible in this case.

Just as with fat suction of the abdomen, this happens at the hips also by means of a hollow tube. Even now the doctor first injects a liquid so that the fat comes loose. This liquid also anaesthetises the surrounding tissue.


Everywhere on the body, fat can be extracted, but in addition to the abdomen and the hips, the legs are also the most common parts of the body using fat suction. Why the fat stores around the legs and the other does not, is often hereditary. Women are more likely to suffer from it. The method used is the same as for the abdomen or the hips.

Liposuction and liposculpture

Previously there was liposuction, we hear more and more about liposculpture. What is the difference between them? Fat tissue is extracted in both cases. However, the treatment is less drastic in liposculpture. Therefore, it can be performed under local anesthesia. Liposuction requires general anesthesia (anesthesia). Moreover, the risk of irregularities of the skin in liposculpture is smaller. The pain and the accumulation of fluid after the procedure is also significantly less. Liposculture is therefore a milder treatment. However, it can not always be applied. Liposuction is used in large areas or where a lot of fat has to be extracted.

Am I eligible?

Not everyone can suck fat. Overweight people with a BMI above 30 are not eligible for this. Not even when the weight is too high or too low compared to the length. This can be calculated in this way: the body height is taken in centimeters. 100 cm of this is deducted. What is left is the target weight. When the weight is no more than 15 percent above or below it, you can qualify for grease extraction. People with very flabby skin or cellulite can not always undergo fat suction. With them the fat is often cut away. Sometimes, for example, a tummy tuck is needed, whereby the skin of the abdomen is pulled tight.

Is it dangerous?

Sucking fat carries just as much risk as any other procedure or operation. Firstly, general anesthesia is often applied. This is never entirely without risk. In addition, complications can occur. Think for example of necrosis, in which the skin dies. Bleeding can also occur. In severe cases there is an embolism such as an air embolism or a thromboembolism.


The prizes do not lie: those who want to be beautiful have to suffer pain. Both physically and in the wallet. The costs depend on how much has to be sucked away. Roughly speaking, these amounts are between 800 and 2,000 euros. Often up to 1,000 ml of fat can be sucked away under local anesthesia. Anesthesia is applied above this. The costs for grease extraction are not reimbursed in many cases. Only in very special cases will the health insurer want to reimburse. Therefore always inquire with the health insurer beforehand.

Simple Tips To Stay Healthy

Lists, I love it. Nice to read, not of those long-lasting pieces of text to dig through, but just a well-organized enumeration where you are not only quickly finished, but also the most easily can remember. I also enjoy creating lists or finishing them myself. Time for a list on Voedzo seems to me, with easy tips for a healthier life. It does not have to be difficult to make your life healthier, nicer and better with small adjustments!

Realize daily that you are responsible for your life and health. No excuses or procrastination, take matters into your own hands and choose yourself and your health!

Try to laugh every day, it works positive for your mood.

Smile more, not only in yourself, but also to others. You will see people laughing back. Eat a lot of vegetables every day, as much as you want. Let refined sugars stand. Avoid wrong E numbers.

Replace wheat more often with spelled, rye or gluten-free alternatives.

Never skip your breakfast. A good start is half the work! Do you find breakfast very difficult? Make a party of your breakfast. Choose banana bread, prepare it the night before, eat chocolate porridge. Be a little creative and in no time you’ll be able to look forward to your breakfast in the evening!

Let it go. Made a mistake? Can happen, nothing more to do. Eaten something with sugar? Well, once in a while you will not immediately die. Pack the thread again and continue with your healthy life. Occasionally enjoying an exception is probably many times better than a stress or guilt feeling for a single exception.

Do not compare yourself with others. You are your own fun and that is fine.

Consider at least three (or five, even better!) Positive dots of that day every night. Have you bought nice new shoes that you are happy with? Did you create your own creation for the first time in the kitchen? Whatever it is, if it makes you happy, write it down! This way you focus on the positive things in your life and close the day with a good feeling. Certain things have gone wrong, but they suddenly seem much less important or important if you keep focusing on the positive.

Do not worry about what others think of you. You can not be perfect for everyone.

Maintain your friendships. And I do not mean just via Facebook, Twitter or mail …Learn to forgive. Being and staying evil creates negative energy that adds nothing to your health. Life is too short to be ever angry.

Spend at least 10 minutes every day at all: no computer, no television, no family, friends or children, just 10 quiet minutes for yourself. Enjoy the peace and focus as much as possible on your breathing and rest. Mindfulness for dummies ??

Enjoy the little things in life: the drawing that your children have made for you, the cosiness of the dog, a homemade raw chocolate, a cup of coffee or whatever you want to enjoy. Never enjoy in moderation!

Focus on what you have instead of what you would like.

Learn to say ‘no’ and do things that really give you energy and that are worth investing in energy.

Vice versa also applies: do not do things that you do not get energy from!

Stop putting energy in people that you do not get energy from or that even take energy away from you. Friends who constantly complain or comment on you? Ask yourself well if that is really such good friends …

Move! Be nice and active. If you do not like sports, do not drag yourself to the gym several times a week, but find another way to be active. For example, go shopping on the bike, take care of the garden well, let the dog a block extra, go play outside with your children. It does not matter what you do, if you do anything.

Make sure that you are outside for half an hour every day, again or again. Preferably walk half an hour every day.

Learn to accept the past and live in the here and now. What has been has been.

The same applies to the future. I’m not saying that plans are bad, but try to enjoy the here and now. Let things come at you as they come.

The treatment of hemorrhoids

During the first consultation, the doctor will ask you about your complaints extensively. On this basis, he conducts an internal and external examination, using a protoscope during the internal investigation. It is possible that a proctological investigation is inadequate and that additional research is necessary. The doctor will inform you about this and discuss the findings with you. It is possible that you do not suffer from hemorrhoids, but that your complaints have to do with another condition in the anal area. You may suffer from one of the following conditions:

Anal thrombosis

In anal thrombosis there are blue, hard lumps around the anus. The lumps give a lot of pain and do not disappear after relieving.

Anal abscesses and fistulas

An anal abscess is a red swelling near the anus. This swelling is usually accompanied by fever and feeling unwell.

Anal itching

Anal itching is annoying itching around the anus. Often the cause of this itching is difficult to trace, but usually the itching is a result of proctological disorders such as hemorrhoids.

Anal polyps or benign tumors

Anal polyps or benign tumors can occur with and without symptoms. Corresponding symptoms include itching, blood loss, false pressure and a spotty discharge.

Anal fissure

When you press hard for a long time on a hard bowel, a tear can develop in the anus, which is very painful. This tear is called an anal fissure .

Remove hemorrhoids

When it comes to hemorrhoids, it is in many cases possible to carry out a treatment immediately. We can remove the hemorrhoids by Barron ligation or by means of a small incision:


ligation Barron ligation is also called rubber band ligation or ‘elastic shooting’. The mucous membrane above the hemorrhoid is sucked up and tied off with an elastic band. The treatment is virtually painless, because the rubber bands are placed on the numb mucous membrane. In some cases, patients may experience a feeling of whey in the lower abdomen or some blood loss. The rubber bands leave the body by means of feces.

Small incision

With neglected or painful hemorrhoids, a small incision is made that brings immediate relief. When pain is experienced, the proctologist will look for another, coherent cause because pain is not a typical complaint for hemorrhoids. With a proctoscope, the doctor can clearly see the hemorrhoids and treat them adequately. After the cure, an annoying skin flap, the marisca , can remain behind. This can easily be cut away under local anesthesia.

How to burn upper abdominal fat

Too much upper abdominal fat can occur from years of unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and stress. Age and genetic factors also play a role in where your body accumulates belly fat. Upper abdominal fat tends to be the visceral fat – the type of fat that lies between your abdominal wall and your organs. This type of body fat burning requires a lifestyle change. BrazilianFruit has explanation for you.

Stoke your metabolism with exercise

Step 1
Exercise daily to stoke your metabolism and get fat burning. At least five 30- to 60-minute moderate-intensity aerobic workouts and two-strength training workouts plan in your schedule every week. According to Harvard Health Publications, walking or jogging 12 miles per week keeps your weight stable and prevents further gains of visceral fat. But walking or jogging 20 miles per week results in visceral fat loss, along with loss of subcutaneous fat that lies between your skin and the abdominal wall.

Step 2
Start your training program at a comfortable pace and increase the duration and frequency of workouts as soon as you can hurt and pain without unnecessary pain and stiffness. Even 10 minutes of exercise bouts have benefits.

Step 3
Strength training exercises at work of all major muscle groups: abdomen, thighs, glutes, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Exercises such as lunges, squats, push ups and planks work different large muscle groups simultaneously.

Step 4
Stretch at the end of each training session, doing both aerobic and strength training. Stretch help get rid of your muscles of lactic acid buildup and support the cool-down process to prevent pain and bundling of fluid in your limbs.

Eat your way thin

Step 1
Eat often, but consume small meals and snacks. Jump-Start your metabolism in the morning by eating breakfast and keep your metabolism high by eating every two to three hours during the day. A meal quality balances lean protein with complex carbohydrates. For example, quark with blueberries and sunflower seeds makes the choice of a good meal.

Step 2
Replace caloric, low-nutrient foods with more nutrient-dense foods that help fuel and energy your body. Instead of eating chips, cookies, fast-food meals, filling processed foods and full-fat dairy products, your diet with low-fat dairy, wholegrain cereals, lean proteins, fresh vegetables and fruit.

Step 3
To drink water. Reach for a cup of water instead of an energy drink, fruit drink, soft drink, coffee or other sugary drink. Water helps flush toxins out of your body while keeping your body hydrated. “Many doctors recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day, but you can better measure your hydration by drinking enough water to keep your urine a light yellow to clear in color,” Dr. David Caruso.

Step 4
Consume fewer calories per day than your body needs to function. Fat loss occurs when you force your body to burn fat stores available for energy by eating fewer calories. Keeping a food diary can help you determine how many calories you consume per day.

5 Eating Habit To Remain Healthy

Frequently individuals do not recognize that they have bad eating habits. You follow these practices undetected, every day, while your body gradually however certainly becomes unhealthier. By becoming aware of exactly what these eating routines in fact are, you can better deal with targeted solutions. This naturally also impacts your weight and your body. Listed below you will discover 5 of the most typical wrong consuming practices. A service is likewise provided per consuming habit, so that you can work better on a much healthier body.

Bad consuming routines 1: you are addicted to sugar

In the evening for the TELEVISION, a small treat … There is nothing wrong with that, except when this innocent little snack degenerates into a full bag of chips and 3 glasses of sweet white wine. Even if the larder has plenty of nuts and the apples are in the fruit bowl for grabs, an unhealthy snack is often chosen because the yummy appetite liquifies instantly. A little alleviation: practically everyone who wishes to drop weight struggles with this issue. It is quickly identifiable. In most of these treats, a lot of sugar is processed and we end up being addicted to it.

Solution 1: Prohibit the huge offender

Products with great deals of sugars (fast carbs) do not enter your house any longer. Also sweet beverages such as cola, sweet gewurztraminer, packs of fruit juice, you neglect. Each pound goes through the mouth is a classic saying, however can assist you slim down and change your consuming practices. Remember, however, that when you stop ‘cold turkey’ with eating or drinking sugar, you will probably get a couple of (slight) headaches for a couple of days. In some cases it is better to gradually decrease your body to adjust to your new, healthy consuming practices.

Do not be too perfectionistic. You wish to adjust your consuming practices and get rid of your sugar dependency. This does not mean that you can never ever consume sugar again. From time to time a biscuit munch with the coffee is not a sugar addiction. Give yourself a sin from time to time.

Service 2: Provide healthy options

Supply sugar-free alternatives. It is quickly stated to ban all perpetrators from your pantry. The alluring desire to delight in remains. Changing your eating practices in the starting controls your day-to-day activities. During hard minutes, remember that the holder wins, the withdrawal symptoms will slowly vanish. But do know that the sense of sweetening will remain dormant, as long as you do not change your consuming routines in the long term. Do not indulge yourself unnecessarily with temptations and do not bring unhealthy treats into your house. Instead you can opt for healthy snacks.

Fill your pantry with healthy options that you also like. Get enough healthy treats in your home so you can vary. Alternate a handful of hazelnuts with a container of low-fat natural yoghurt to which you cut a piece of apple.

Option 3: Be familiar with sugars in all its variants.

Check out the labels on items you buy, due to the fact that sugar exists amongst many variations: fructose, dextrose, glucose, and so on. You will be surprised at the number of items consist of (hidden) sugars. Numerous processed or factory-produced items produce similar effects as sugars in our body. Replace foods which contain a lot of quick carbs as much as possible with other products. For example, see the list of low-carbohydrate items.

Bad consuming habits 2: You consume too quick

Research shows that the brain just gets the signal that you have consumed enough after about twenty minutes that you are satisfied. So when you eat too quick, you do not give your brain and your stomach adequate time to process that you are consuming. As an outcome, you will soon overindulge. For instance, after 10 minutes you have your plate empty and currently a second time scooped, then you finally have consumed excessive.

Furthermore, you do not chew enough when you consume too quick. Your stomach and intestines get too big pieces of food to absorb and for that reason do not have enough time to obtain all the nutrients out of your meal. Your body reacts to this with hunger impulses as a signal that it lacks nutrients. You get hungry, consume more, while you have actually received far a lot of calories at the end of the flight. It is for that reason essential to consume slowly.

Solution: Slower food

You can deal with food too quickly by making a feast of every meal. Prohibit the mobile phones and Televisions and make time for each other. Or check out a book. A great supper service with a table cover makes every meal a little special. Chew sluggish and eat purposely. Is your plate empty after twenty minutes? Put down your cutlery and wait a few minutes with bragging. Opportunities are that your appetite will vanish by itself which you have consumed enough.

Bad consuming routines 3: You consume too little

Once in awhile there is a brand-new fad diet. In this kind of diet you consume very few calories a day, so you ought to drop weight naturally. This might sound possible, however this type of weight reduction technique frequently has a counterproductive result. To start with, you get such a cravings feeling that it is difficult to keep up. In addition, a crash diet will not make sense for a restricted period of time, if you then fall back into your old way of life. The well – understood yo-yo effect is the outcome of this.

Solution: Do not eat too little, however different

A good diet plan makes sure that you eat much healthier and you enhance your way of life. For that reason stop following a crash diet that only focuses on few calories. Those who want to drop weight needs to adjust their eating habits. Therefore, go for an excellent weight reduction approach that guarantees that you get enough nutrients in one day. You then learn how to consume in a different way and healthier. You will find a summary here for a variety of helpful weight loss approaches.

Bad consuming routines 4: You eat irregularly

No breakfast, a bite of your sandwich during the flight to the next meeting, a quick pizza at ten o’clock at night due to the fact that the drink ended with the work? If you do this frequently, it can have unhealthy effects. Due to irregular eating habits, you will overeat at specific times of the day, causing your body to keep this as extra body fat. In addition, you will likewise be more likely to “snack”, which frequently leads to more unhealthy food. It is for that reason better for your body and weight when you consume more regularly and where the amounts of food are well balanced.

Solution: Build a great schedule in your day

Make work of a structure in your meals. Breakfast, lunch and supper with a healthy treat at routine intervals. To achieve this, you can utilize a good diet plan to plan your day. Most diet plan programs will likewise be able to provide this. The essence is that you implant a program for yourself daily or per week so you understand when you can begin eating again. This also guarantees that you build a piece of peace for your body. Your body will have the ability to process nutrients more efficiently.

Bad eating habits 5: You constantly eat the exact same thing

Adjusting your eating practices likewise implies bringing more range into your menu. If you constantly consume the very same, you risk of not getting sufficient vitamins and other nutrients. You likewise run the risk that your metabolism will work less well. This suggests that waste can not be effectively gotten rid of.

Option: Delicious and differed cooking and food

Go to the supermarket and go for the different fresh, healthy items. Frequently for many people the problem is to prepare veggies, which makes them consume too little. Yet this is actually not difficult! Work your cooking skills once and experiment in the cooking area. Establish your kitchen, make it an enjoyable location to remain and cook. You can also attempt a harder dish or let others select something. You will see that it exercises positively.

Great cooking is an innovative method to alter your consuming habits! By preparing unknown dishes, you become familiarized with new flavors and active ingredients and you automatically eat more varied food. Make time once a week to set up a menu for the entire coming week. Do this in a peaceful place with perhaps your cookbooks at hand. Prepare a menu strategy where you plan a variety of meals. Naturally, this cookbook can likewise function as motivation.

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