Month: October 2018

How do you Treat Warts?

Warts can not hurt, but they are very persistent. Often they only disappear after one or two years. As long as you have warts, you can infect others. In addition, they sometimes hurt and they are not very beautiful either.

How do you get rid of it faster?

You get warts due to infection with a virus. ‘Common’ warts can be obtained from one of the viruses from the family of human papilloma viruses (HPVs). Water warts are caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus.

Warts usually disappear again. Your body forms antibodies against the virus. These protect you for the rest of your life against infections with the same type of virus. In common warts it can take up to two years before they heal spontaneously, water warts usually disappear faster. If you have a disturbed immune system or use your immunosuppressant medication, it can take much longer.



At the drugstore you will find different liquids and ointments with which you can spot ordinary warts. Means with salicylic acid loosened the top layer of the skin. You have to use it daily. Salicylic acid can irritate healthy skin, therefore lubricate the skin around the wart for spotting with Vaseline or zinc ointment. Products with formic acid dehydrate warts and therefore you only have to touch the warts once a week. This is the root of the wart addressed and the wart literally down to the core treated.

It’s best to wait for water warts. If necessary, stick an inflamed water wart with a plaster. You can puncture them with a stick dipped in iodine, but then you run the risk of a scar.

Home Remedies

There are countless home remedies against warts. Its effect has not been scientifically proven, but some people have positive experiences with it. For example, the wart with morning urine, honey, potato, a clove of garlic, colorless nail polish, the inside of a garden bean skin, juice of dandelions, tea tree oil, school chalk, zinc ointment, the juice from the stems of smelly celandine, et cetera. Also wringing warts with duct tape – very sturdy, silver-colored adhesive tape – seems to be able to help.

Freeze, cut or burn away

With warts you do not have to go to the doctor unless they are at the anus or the genitals. You can not treat genital warts yourself. Even if the warts change color or size, itching or bleeding, it is wise to check that the warts are not malignant.

The GP can freeze the warts with liquid nitrogen, so that the tissue dies. This feels burning and sometimes painful. After freezing, a blister often develops. Usually several treatments are needed. Warts can also be burned away with a kind of welding device (coagulation). Another option is to cut away the wart or ‘spoon out’ under local anesthesia.

3 great tricks to increase intelligence

There is no unanimity about the definition of intelligence. For some it is our ability to learn. For others, our ability to apply knowledge. Perhaps the most universal definition explains intelligence as our ability to find new solutions to old problems . On the other hand, there are different models that explain intelligence more as a collection of multiple forms of intelligence together – emotional intelligence, social intelligence, logical intelligence, etc. WetheBrainys – than as a single one.

Do not always choose the easy route

If we choose the easy route, we may save time, but we also contribute to the loss of some brain capacities . In general we prefer that everything has a ‘step by step’, that it is not necessary to think about something, that it is others who think for us.

Perhaps this applies to some situations, but it is also positive if we choose the more difficult route in some cases. Do not look for instructions, but try to draw a conclusion to arrive at a result. That will make you more creative and intelligent. And it also increases your self-confidence.

Connect with all sorts of people

Just as it is important to expose yourself to new situations, it is also important to have contact with different types of people. Every relationship is a challenge to see, understand and understand the other person’s point of view and that results in increasing intelligence.

It is worth to have friends of different ages, backgrounds, beliefs etc . If you only have contact with people who look like you, you limit your experience area considerably. And with this you also set limits on the training of your brain.

Equip adequately and well

We can never insist enough on something that is clearer every time: resting is just as important or more important than working . Top athletes know this rule very well, since they have to deal with a high fatigue factor at work. The brain always needs breaks in order to function properly. If there is no rest, we are faced with a dulled brain that only works halfway and reduces its power.

Rest time can be divided into three categories: active breaks during work, the hours in which we sleep and the moments of relaxation . All these aspects are of great importance. Active breaks are a daily protection measure to prevent flattening. Sleeping is crucial for the brain so that they can process the information they have recorded. And free time is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy functioning of the brain in the long term.

What matters is that you build a lifestyle that allows you to be more attentive and attentive to everything that is happening around you . This also means that you regularly have to do exercises to ensure proper functioning of your brain. This will undoubtedly have repercussions on your well-being and your intelligence.

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