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10 morning habits with which you lose weight!

A good start is half the work, and that also applies to a healthy lifestyle ! Whether you want to get rid of, become fitter or simply want to stay happier: good morning habits can help you on your way. A good start of the day is therefore essential.

But how do you start your day as healthy as possible? We put ten good morning habits in a row below so you always get out of bed with your good leg!

A good start to the day

Maybe you wonder why you should be doing well in the morning. When you get out of bed, just get something to eat, and you arrive at work on time, you’re already very busy, right? Do you also have to finish such a list?

Well – preferably actually! What is it? People who plan to work responsibly in the afternoons often do not. If you start half-asleep and start your day, you are therefore often less productive in the afternoon. So it really pays to build in some good morning habits.

Healthy morning habits

What are good morning habits? Well, the next ten for example:

1. Do not stress

Are your mornings always one long race against the clock? That is not recommended … With that you already create an enormous amount of stress before your day really started. And stress has the necessary negative consequences for your mood, line and health.

You make stress hormone cortisol . This ensures more fat storage, more appetite for sweets and greasiness, and therefore a stressed feeling. Not the best way to start your day! So try to take plenty of time for your morning rituals, or at least spacious enough.

2. Get up in time

Getting up in time is therefore a particularly useful good habit in the morning. And not only because it saves you stress and chaos! It is important to sleep enough, but not too long . A sleep surplus can also cause problems …

When you sleep too long, you will also feel sleepier again. Moreover, research shows that people who sleep more than 10 hours a night, more often develop obesity . In short: even if you can sleep well during the weekend, it is wise not to set the alarm clock too late.

3. Do not snooze

Do you want to snooze for half an hour before you actually get out of bed? Do not! There are few better ways to turn your sleep rhythm and wake mechanism upside down. When you wake up, your body produces hormones to actually wake up. By snoozing, they are again confused with new sleep hormones …

You can continue to feel sleepier for the rest of the day. Better to immediately get out of bed when your alarm goes, so! This can take a few days to go, but after a week you will notice that you can hardly snooze anymore.

4. Make up the bed

What did your bed make with losing weight ? A good question, which scientists are not entirely sure about … What we do know: people who make their bed sleep better on average. And a good night’s sleep is then essential to maintain your weight.

Also, making your bed can be a starting signal for the rest of your healthy morning habits. In short: take a minute to straighten the blankets. Even if you have nothing else, your bed will look more attractive in the evening.

5. Just weigh?

Some websites advise you to weigh yourself daily so that you maintain a good impression of your weight. We are not necessarily a fan of this. Daily fluctuations in your weight can also cloud the image considerably. Weekly weighing gives a better impression of the main lines.

But whatever your frequency is: if you want to weigh yourself, the moment is in the morning. Preferably before you have eaten or drunk something, and after you have been to the toilet. The image is thus not yet disturbed by your stomach contents and more of such factors.

6. Drink water

Then: drink water ! For good hydration, too, a good start is half the work. So take a few glasses of water in the morning, before or with your breakfast. This way you fill up the moisture shortage that has occurred during the night as quickly as possible.

By staying hydrated, you feel more awake and fitter all day long. Thirst can also cause you to get more appetite, so you eat a lot of unnecessary food. And finally, a good moisture balance prevents you from retaining too much moisture. All reason to drink enough, so!

7. Protein-rich breakfast

In addition to drinking, food is also important. Do you usually rush a croissant in the morning? Not ideal: people who eat a decent breakfast in the morning also eat healthier for the rest of the day.

It is best to get enough protein and fiber with your breakfast . They both provide a lot of saturation. Think, for example, of a bowl of oatmeal , yogurt with fruit or a wholemeal sandwich with high protein fillings.

8. Sunlight

Many people hardly catch a ray of sunlight in the morning. This is especially true in the winter, but also in the summer it can be disappointing if you drive to work by car. Too bad, because sunlight is good for your vitamin D and mood in general. Research suggests that that also positively influences your weight.

So take the bike to work, or park the car a little earlier and walk for ten minutes. Is it not light in the winter before you get to work? Then make sure you take a walk in your first coffee break.

9. Movement

Along with that sunlight, movement is also a particularly good morning habit. By being a bit active in the morning, you shake your body really well. In addition, this hunger and sweet appetite can also decrease later in the day, which of course works positively for your line.

That does not mean that you have to start running on an empty stomach. Getting on your bike to work also fully meets, or so that walk. But make sure you have moved for a quarter of an hour before you sit down at the office all day.

10. Take lunch and a snack

Finally, an important point to get through the rest of your day healthy: food for work. If you take ten minutes in the morning to prepare a healthy lunch and some responsible snacks , you will benefit later. This way you prevent that you end up with croquettes again for lunch.

Of course you can prepare such a lunch the night before. Then you will be ready a lot faster in the morning. The most important thing is that there is something healthy to eat in your bag once you walk out the door to go to work!

Simple Tips To Stay Healthy

Lists, I love it. Nice to read, not of those long-lasting pieces of text to dig through, but just a well-organized enumeration where you are not only quickly finished, but also the most easily can remember. I also enjoy creating lists or finishing them myself. Time for a list on Voedzo seems to me, with easy tips for a healthier life. It does not have to be difficult to make your life healthier, nicer and better with small adjustments!

Realize daily that you are responsible for your life and health. No excuses or procrastination, take matters into your own hands and choose yourself and your health!

Try to laugh every day, it works positive for your mood.

Smile more, not only in yourself, but also to others. You will see people laughing back. Eat a lot of vegetables every day, as much as you want. Let refined sugars stand. Avoid wrong E numbers.

Replace wheat more often with spelled, rye or gluten-free alternatives.

Never skip your breakfast. A good start is half the work! Do you find breakfast very difficult? Make a party of your breakfast. Choose banana bread, prepare it the night before, eat chocolate porridge. Be a little creative and in no time you’ll be able to look forward to your breakfast in the evening!

Let it go. Made a mistake? Can happen, nothing more to do. Eaten something with sugar? Well, once in a while you will not immediately die. Pack the thread again and continue with your healthy life. Occasionally enjoying an exception is probably many times better than a stress or guilt feeling for a single exception.

Do not compare yourself with others. You are your own fun and that is fine.

Consider at least three (or five, even better!) Positive dots of that day every night. Have you bought nice new shoes that you are happy with? Did you create your own creation for the first time in the kitchen? Whatever it is, if it makes you happy, write it down! This way you focus on the positive things in your life and close the day with a good feeling. Certain things have gone wrong, but they suddenly seem much less important or important if you keep focusing on the positive.

Do not worry about what others think of you. You can not be perfect for everyone.

Maintain your friendships. And I do not mean just via Facebook, Twitter or mail …Learn to forgive. Being and staying evil creates negative energy that adds nothing to your health. Life is too short to be ever angry.

Spend at least 10 minutes every day at all: no computer, no television, no family, friends or children, just 10 quiet minutes for yourself. Enjoy the peace and focus as much as possible on your breathing and rest. Mindfulness for dummies ??

Enjoy the little things in life: the drawing that your children have made for you, the cosiness of the dog, a homemade raw chocolate, a cup of coffee or whatever you want to enjoy. Never enjoy in moderation!

Focus on what you have instead of what you would like.

Learn to say ‘no’ and do things that really give you energy and that are worth investing in energy.

Vice versa also applies: do not do things that you do not get energy from!

Stop putting energy in people that you do not get energy from or that even take energy away from you. Friends who constantly complain or comment on you? Ask yourself well if that is really such good friends …

Move! Be nice and active. If you do not like sports, do not drag yourself to the gym several times a week, but find another way to be active. For example, go shopping on the bike, take care of the garden well, let the dog a block extra, go play outside with your children. It does not matter what you do, if you do anything.

Make sure that you are outside for half an hour every day, again or again. Preferably walk half an hour every day.

Learn to accept the past and live in the here and now. What has been has been.

The same applies to the future. I’m not saying that plans are bad, but try to enjoy the here and now. Let things come at you as they come.

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